Sunday, January 6, 2013

Thank you for your thoughts Hayley!!
I'm so glad you liked Diego's style more, I am in Jess's boat (though I found it more of a following of trend, he was repeatedly referred to as "the most famous Mexican artist", his style-hopping struck me as trying to maintain that), but it makes it fun to talk about. My mom also said she thought his style showed talent & versatility. I guess I just find it harder to latch onto someone who shifted around so much visually and thematically. Frida's work had mostly consistent hematic content and I took this to mean that the overwhelming pain & internal struggle she experienced overshadowed, left no room for anything else. And the style-shifting she did show... well the fact that she threw in some surrealism was a personal yay for me because <3*~Dali~*<3.

Also I will say that the exhibit seemed geared towards her. They mentioned his affairs repeatedly and not until the end did they turn it into "both of them had several affairs" blah blah blah.

Anyway did you almost cry at the end? Do you know what photo I was talking about (obviously).

Caitlin is going to plaquinate (sp?) the poster and we'll send you a pic when it happens. For now you can witness from what insane atmosphere I'm typing this from. Picture a 400 degree me in a pile of kleenex going crazy from this water torture. Sad!

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  1. I'm so sorry. What a crazy hell hole. And sorry to your parents who have to fix that leak! And sorry to you for your sickness :(