Sunday, January 6, 2013

la experiencia frida

yesss. i am officially live. 

Here are my thoughts on Frida:

I (obviously) love her. As in, am now mildly obsessed and would like to embrace the idea of female facial hair.

I think that I preferred Diego's style over Frida's... but I haven't completely formed my opinion on that. Although Diego's subject matter really resonated with me (social transfomation, the proletariat and working classes rising up, etc.) I was much more drawn to Frida's commentary on the female body, reproductive rights, right to bodily integrity, etc.

Jess and I were also discussing Diego's different styles and how they changed so drastically over his time as an artist. Jess viewed his inconsistencies as a lack of self-awareness, whereas I tried to look at it as 'why can't an artist change his style numerous times over the span of his lifetime?" Frida was really only actively painting for 20 years, whereas Diego was painting for 50 years +. If I think of myself and how much I can change over the span of 'x' amount of years, and how fleeting my attention span or my interests can be, then I can't help but think that I wouldn't be able to stick to just one style either! I think that it speaks to his talent that he could be this sort of chameleon and essentially master every style that he approached. 

Overall, I really loved it and talking about this more makes me want to go back again now that I have had some time to digest (actually... I think I actually might!)

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