Sunday, March 10, 2013

this is my all time favourite poem. 

i have it now as my desktop background and therefore read it every morning. 

it helps me start my day and so i am sharing it with you beauties. 

very rarely do i feel like i want to be in love - except when i read this. 

a little taste of my favourite part: 

I will remember the kisses 
our lips raw with love 
and how you gave me 
everything you had 
and how I 
offered you what was left of 
and I will remember your small room 
the feel of you 
the light in the window 
your records 
your books 
our morning coffee 
our noons our nights 
our bodies spilled together 
the tiny flowing currents 
immediate and forever 
your leg my leg 
your arm my arm 
your smile and the warmth 
of you 
who made me laugh 


  1. Hayley I have What Matters Most is How You Walk Through the Fire in my room and there are two pages marked and this poem is one of them. I am so happy you shared that with us <3 I love it