Wednesday, January 16, 2013

pretty good music:

a sample of cool things around me lately:

Tam developed some photos of Jordan doing a shotgun in Missouri, where it is legal to drink in cars

One of our artists took a cool photo in our back room, this is what I see everyday

A piece in the gallery beside the one I work in (by Judith Belevance)


  1. how did i miss this post. I think i'm obsessed.

  2. this artist is amazing! please tell me she's not secondary market (<<casual) -- we're each getting one for christmas next year!?

  3. I actually inquired from my counterpart at that gallery about buying one (considering starting my "collection" [<<casual] everyday)

    They are something like $3500 each at that size and $1300 for this mini version. Sad. BUT just today she came over and gave me a book of her paintings which was a nice gesture and made me feel #poor but #luvved